Les Concierges

Les Concierges is the world’s largest and finest work/ life benefits provider, servicing over 600 clients at 1300 client sites, providing meaningful on site work focused concierge services to over 1. 5 million employees, at over 17 global cities. This is the finest employee benefit that addresses & resolves real issues such as employee productivity, retention & stress. Our client companies are therefore able to aggressively address hidden costs of employment which inadvertently affect company their bottom lines.

Our services are limited only by imagination, to that which is ethical and morally correct! We ensure an employee’s 24 hours are best deployed to doing that which is critical to them and the company, while we handle their “to-do” list faster & more efficiently, Our onsite concierge are an employee’s personal assistant, travel guide, entertainment adviser, home maintenance guru, errand runner, party planner..” all rolled into one.


So how exactly does it work?

Using the Concierge Service is easy. Our Concierge team is here to save you time and help you get things done. You can access this service no matter where you are – at work, at home or on the road. Don’t spend your lunch hour, evenings or weekends waiting on hold, scouring the internet or taking care of your to-do list. The Concierge can do this for you. To complete your task in the most efficient way, we have access to a wealth of resources and services. We want you to spend your time on the important things in your life – let us take care of the rest!

What does the Concierge Service include?

  • Access to savvy Concierge located at your office, phone, email, web
    • Anything that you need done anytime, worldwide.
    • Full service travel booking and reservations service – air, car, hotel, cruise and more!
    • Exclusive Member Benefits and Special Offers and much much more.

What can the Concierge do?

Our Concierge team is available to do research, provide recommendations and make reservations. Below are a few ways we can assist you:

  • Provide restaurant recommendations and reservations
  • Make complete travel arrangements, from confirming flights and seat assignments to securing  visas
  • Offer a convenient & user-friendly online foreign exchange portal for all your international travel needs.
  • Book tickets – theater, sports, concert : from FIFA to fashion to music concerts
  • Schedule sightseeing tours and shopping excursions
  • Pay your bills, renew your driving license, arrange for a personal fitness instructor
  • Shop your grocery, collect your medicines, get your car serviced
  • Reserve the chef’s table at a top restaurant
  • Arrange a birthday party, send flowers on your behalf, recommend a great gift for a friend
  • Help to plan a corporate meeting, party or wedding at the hotel
  • Get your government related jobs done, the leaky faucet at home repaired, clothes  drycleaned and home pest controlled.