Elder Concierges

Our goal is for seniors to live life to the fullest, even as aging makes life more complicated. It is crucial for seniors to have the special services they need to continue to enjoy living in the comfort of their own home. To achieve this, we created a personal concierge service that facilitates seniors residing safely with support, in their own homes, as they prefer. Elder Concierges—the Senior Concierge Service club.


Living comfortably and confidently – senior concierge service

Elder Concierges is the senior concierge service designed to ensure all is well for older adults living at home. Trustworthy and flexible, our personal concierge service providers offer professional, personal assistance, while caring relatives can rest assured that their loved ones have all the support they need.

Our concierges can handle it all – from weekly grocery shopping, refilling prescriptions, supervising contractors at the home, rearranging the home to make it more convenient and accessible. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that everything is taken care of?

Elder Concierges is a unique combination of personal concierge services and senior care services customized to the unique needs of your senior. Contact us to talk about how Elder Concierges would support your life.